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Monday, August 20, 2007

1n12 – A Quick Note About Scale

When I started this layout, I had no scale preference, just the requirement that the layout would make use of my leftover N scale track, and that it would represent a fictional narrow gage railway. I decided that I liked the proportions of 1/32 scale figures with my track and motive power, as well as the fact that I wouldn’t need to use a microscope to do detail work.

Having decided on scale, I searched online for examples of others doing similar work. I found two things: First, 1/32 scale is not popular. Second, apparently no-one is uses N scale track in conjunction with this scale!

Unconvinced that I was a pioneer in this area, I decided to contact the venerable Carl Arendt – the master of minimum space layouts, to see if he had any thoughts on what sort of designation this scale had.

In his reply, Carl stated:

I haven't heard of anyone working in 9mm gauge in this scale (though I'm sure that somewhere in the world... ), so you are pretty free to choose your own designation. My preference would be "1n12" (see my rather arbitrary scale/gauge chart at OTOH, the small but brave band who are pioneering 9mm gauge in G scale call it "Gnine". So maybe "1nine"?? It has a nice ring! And of course, the New Zealanders call it "9mil" regardless of gauge -- so "9mil-12" is a possibility, though rather obscure.

Thusly, I’ve officially adopted the 1n12 designation (although I am still partial to the 1nine moniker). If anyone else knows of others working in this scale, please contact me at:

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