Pete's Pumpkins

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Designing Motive Power

Having established a rough trackplan for Pete’s Pumpkins, I next needed to decide what scale I would be modelling in. I knew that I was going to use N scale track and motive power for the railroad, so I decided to draft up some freelanced engine designs in various scales to better assess how plausible it would be to transform my old Bachmann Plymouth MDT Switcher into a narrow gage gnat.

The three scales I chose to explore were O Scale, #1 Scale and G Scale. I was able to come up with some fairly pleasing designs, but was most intrigued with the plans designed in #1 scale (1:32). The current trackplan features tracks Pete’s pit – the tunnel beneath the ‘mainline’ track – which will have limited clearances, so the G scale plans are a bit too big. Likewise, I’m considering modelling the figures for the railroad myself, so the O Scale plans – while decent – might prove to be too challenging when it comes time to model some O scale people.

Here are the possibilities I came up with. Enjoy.

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