Pete's Pumpkins

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Picking Up Pumpkins

A reader left a very pointed comment that asked a very good question – 'how does Pete unload the pumpkins?' I went hunting to see if I could find some 1/32 tractors etc. But they were rather costly – at least for this project's budget. I decided that Pete, being a frugal farmer, would have likely rigged some sort of 'block-n-tackle-hoist-thing' from junk lying around the barnyard, so I decided to do the same. Using a pencil, a bamboo skewer, old n scale wheels and some scrap styrene, I 'imagineered' a yard hoist. The boom on the hoist actually swings, and the line will pull through the pulley. It’s not the front-end loader that I envisioned the farm having, but it will do the job!

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