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Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Barn Is Finished (Mostly)

A few nights of scoring, bending, painting a gluing have paid off, and I think I can say the barn is done. Working in N scale sure spoils you when it comes to the quantities of materials needed! This structure was a pig!

I built the barn door using some bits of rail, the wheels off an old N scale boxcar and some scrap styrene. The door can slide along the rail so I can open or close the door depending on my mood.

I’m pleased with the barn, although it would certainly fail close scrutiny. Then again, this is a ‘fun’ layout that I’m building just for the experience, so I’m not too worried about its accuracy. I’m likely not going to super-detail it, however knowing myself fairly well, I will likely add things over the next few weeks in the moments where I procrastinate from building trees…

(Excuse the shine on the roof of the barn – the dullcoat hasn’t dried yet)


Simplex said...

The barn looks great and the door track is excellent!

Great stuff!


Michael said...