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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Installing Barn Boards

I spent the evening sheathing the barn. In a few short hours I managed to install most of the barn boards atop the foamcore base – less the fact I ran out of boards… Because the boards are cardboard, they tended to curl once installed, some more then others, which gave a nice effect. Anytime a board started to curl too much, I simply dabbed a little hot glue on the underside and stuck it in place.

Eager to see how things would look, I have the entire structure a quick weathering before replacing it on the layout. I first spooned dirt onto each of the walls, and brushed it away using a makeup brush. When I was happy with the effect, I sprayed the dirt with dullcoat to set it in place. I next sprinkled some fine ‘earth’ ground foam onto the wet dullcoat near the base of the structure, followed by a very light dusting of light green. The effect is that of a damp, mossy barn.

There are a few major details I need to add – namely the doors, and the roof, however at this point I’m happy with the results for the effort.

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